Books by W. W. (William Wymark) Jacobs (1863-1943)

A Master Of Craft

At Sunwich Port, Complete

Captains All and Others

Deep Waters

Dialstone Lane, Complete

Dialstone Lane, Part 2.

Dialstone Lane, Part 3.

Easy Money: Night Watches, Part 9.

Keeping Watch: Night Watches, Part 2.

Light Freights

Many Cargoes

More Cargoes: 1897

Night Watches: Complete Series

Odd Craft, Complete

Sailors' Knots (Entire Collection)


Sea urchins

Ship's Company, the Entire Collection

Short Cruises

Stepping Backwards: Night Watches, Part 5.

The Lady of the Barge and Others, Entire Collection

The Monkey's Paw: The Lady of the Barge and Others, Part 2.

The skipper's wooing, and The brown man's servant

The Three Sisters: Night Watches, Part 6.