Books by Robert Neilson Stephens (1867-1906)

A Gentleman Player; His Adventures on a Secret Mission for Queen Elizabeth

Captain Ravenshaw; Or, The Maid of Cheapside. A Romance of Elizabethan London

Philip Winwood: A Sketch of the Domestic History of an American Captain in the War of Independence; Embracing Events that Occurred between and during the Years 1763 and 1786, in New York and London: written by His Enemy in War, Herbert Russell, Lieutenant in the Loyalist Forces.

Tales from Bohemia

The Bright Face of Danger: Being an Account of Some Adventures of Henri de Launay, Son of the Sieur de la Tournoire

The Continental Dragoon: A Love Story of Philipse Manor-House in 1778

The Flight of Georgiana: A Story of Love and Peril in England in 1746

The Mystery of Murray Davenport: A Story of New York at the Present Day

The Road to Paris: A Story of Adventure