Books by Percy Keese Fitzhugh (1876-1950)

Along the Mohawk Trail; Or, Boy Scouts on Lake Champlain

Among the River Pirates: A Skippy Dare Mystery Story

Hervey Willetts

Pee-wee Harris

Pee-wee Harris Adrift

Pee-wee Harris, F.O.B. Bridgeboro

Pee-wee Harris: Fixer

Pee-wee Harris in camp

Pee-wee Harris in Luck

Pee-wee Harris on the Trail

Prisoners in Devil's Bog: A Skippy Dare Mystery Story

Roy Blakeley: His Story

Roy Blakeley in the Haunted Camp

Roy Blakeley: Lost, Strayed or Stolen

Roy Blakeley, Pathfinder

Roy Blakeley's Bee-line Hike

Roy Blakeley's Camp on Wheels

Roy Blakeley's Funny-bone Hike

Roy Blakeley's Motor Caravan

Roy Blakeley's Silver Fox Patrol

Roy Blakeley's Tangled Trail

The Lost Mine of the Amazon: A Hal Keen Mystery Story

Tom Slade at Bear Mountain

Tom Slade at Black Lake

Tom Slade at Temple Camp

Tom Slade : Boy Scout of the Moving Pictures

Tom Slade in the north woods

Tom Slade, Motorcycle Dispatch Bearer

Tom Slade on a Transport

Tom Slade on Mystery Trail

Tom Slade on Overlook Mountain

Tom Slade on the River

Tom Slade Picks a Winner

Tom Slade's Double Dare

Tom Slade with the Boys Over There

Tom Slade with the Colors

Tom Slade with the Flying Corps: A Campfire Tale

Westy Martin

Westy Martin in the Rockies

Westy Martin in the Yellowstone

Westy Martin on the Santa Fe Trail