Books by James Otis (1848-1912)

A Runaway Brig; Or, An Accidental Cruise

An Amateur Fireman

Antoine of Oregon: A Story of the Oregon Trail

Aunt Hannah and Seth

Benjamin of Ohio: A Story of the Settlement of Marietta

Commodore Barney's Young Spies: A Boy's Story of the Burning of the City of Washington

Corporal 'Lige's Recruit: A Story of Crown Point and Ticonderoga

Defending the Island: A story of Bar Harbor in 1758

Dick in the Desert

Down the Slope

Jack the Hunchback: A Story of Adventure on the Coast of Maine

Josiah in New York; or, A coupon from the Fresh Air Fund

Left Behind; Or, Ten Days a Newsboy

Martha of California: A Story of the California Trail

Mary of Plymouth: A Story of the Pilgrim Settlement

Messenger No. 48

Mr. Stubbs's Brother: A Sequel to 'Toby Tyler'

Neal, the Miller: A Son of Liberty

Off Santiago with Sampson

On the Kentucky Frontier: A Story of the Fighting Pioneers of the West

Peter of New Amsterdam: A Story of Old New York

Philip of Texas: A Story of Sheep Raising in Texas

Ralph Gurney's Oil Speculation

Richard of Jamestown : a Story of the Virginia Colony

Ruth of Boston: A Story of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Sarah Dillard's Ride: A Story of the Carolinas in 1780

Teddy and Carrots: Two Merchants of Newpaper Row

The Armed Ship America; Or, When We Sailed from Salem

The Boy Spies of Philadelphia: The Story of How the Young Spies Helped the Continental Army at Valley Forge

The Boy Spies with the Regulators: The Story of How the Boys Assisted the Carolina Patriots to Drive the British from That State

The Boys of '98

The Club at Crow's Corner

The Cruise of the Sally D

The Life Savers: A story of the United States life-saving service

The Light Keepers: A Story of the United States Light-house Service

The Minute Boys of Boston

The Minute Boys of the Mohawk Valley

The Minute Boys of York Town

The Princess and Joe Potter

The Search for the Silver City: A Tale of Adventure in Yucatan

The Secret Chart; or, Treasure Hunting in Hayti

Toby Tyler; Or, Ten Weeks with a Circus

Under the Liberty Tree: A Story of The 'Boston Massacre'

With Perry on Lake Erie : a tale of 1812

With Porter in the Essex: A Story of His Famous Cruise in the Southern Waters During the War of 1812

With the Swamp Fox: A Story of General Marion's Young Spies

Wrecked on Spider Island; Or, How Ned Rogers Found the Treasure