Books by Evelyn Everett-Green (1856-1932)

A Clerk of Oxford, and His Adventures in the Barons' War

A Heroine of France: The Story of Joan of Arc

Drifted ashore; or, a child without a name

Esther's Charge: A Story for Girls

Eustace Marchmont: A friend of the people

Fallen Fortunes

For the Faith: A Story of the Young Pioneers of Reformation in Oxford

French and English: A Story of the Struggle in America

In Taunton town : a story of the rebellion of James Duke of Monmouth in 1685

In the Days of Chivalry: A Tale of the Times of the Black Prince

In the Wars of the Roses: A Story for the Young

Monica: A Novel, Volume 1 (of 3)

Monica: A Novel, Volume 2 (of 3)

Monica: A Novel, Volume 3 (of 3)

Our Winnie, and The Little Match Girl

Pat the Lighthouse Boy

Squib and His Friends

The Lord of Dynevor: A Tale of the Times of Edward the First

The Lost Treasure of Trevlyn: A Story of the Days of the Gunpowder Plot

The Secret Chamber at Chad

The Sign of the Red Cross: A Tale of Old London

Tom Tufton's Travels

Torwood's trust : A novel (Vol. 1 of 3)

Torwood's trust : A novel (Vol. 2 of 3)

Torwood's trust : A novel (Vol. 3 of 3)

True Stories of Girl Heroines