Books by Alex. McVeigh, Mrs. Miller (1850-1937)

A Dreadful Temptation; or, A Young Wife's Ambition

All for Love; or, Her Heart's Sacrifice

An Old Man's Darling

Countess Vera; or, The Oath of Vengeance

Dainty's Cruel Rivals; Or, The Fatal Birthday

Flower and Jewel; or, Daisy Forrest's Daughter

Guy Kenmore's Wife, and The Rose and the Lily


Kathleen's Diamonds; or, She Loved a Handsome Actor

Lancaster's Choice

Laurel Vane; or, The Girls' Conspiracy

Let Us Kiss and Part; or, A Shattered Tie

Little Golden's Daughter; or, The Dream of a Life Time

Little Nobody

Love conquers pride; or, Where peace dwelt

Loved you better than you knew

My Pretty Maid; or, Liane Lester

Pretty Geraldine, the New York Salesgirl; or, Wedded to Her Choice

Sweet Violet : or, the fairest of the fair

The Bride of the Tomb, and Queenie's Terrible Secret

The man she hated : or, Won by strategy

The Mystery of Suicide Place

The Senator's Bride

The Senator's Favorite

The shadow between them; or, A blighted name

The strength of love : or, Love is lord of all

The wooing of Leola

They Looked and Loved; Or, Won by Faith